Who Are We?

As Selfie Park, we realized that there was no location in Antalya where the people can gather nice memories and have fun and create beautiful content for their social media accounts, thus we had the idea of opening a Selfie Museum in 2019. The aforementioned attempt in 2019 was postponed until 2022 due to pandemic.And we said “Better late than never” and of course we have developed our ideas more during these past years and actualized Selfie Park, which is the biggest selfie museum of Europe and first and only in Antalya, enabling the opportunity of gathering beautiful memories for the people with its bright and breezy rooms in all shapes and sized with contents more than 50.In addition to different and colorful selfie rooms, our venue, which has an extensive beverage and donut menu, offers an opportunity to you to have a fun time throughout the day, and to have a different shopping experience with its various products in the store.

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